Welcome to Corvette ® Specialties Manufacturing's GrilleTeeth.com. Your source for high quality, hard to find, remanufactured, reproduction Corvette ® parts. We have been producing Corvette ® restoration parts such as top fender moulding, Power antenna switch, wheel hub cap covers, spinners, convertible lower stainless windshield reveal molding trim, grill tooth assembly set, including grill teeth # 424, 425,427, 428, and 429, grille tooth bracket, front license bracket, front license bar, front license assembly, grille bar, grill mounting brackets, chrome headlight bezel, dash end cap, side louver, tail light protector cone and windshield washer nozzles for the industry since 1988. Now GrilleTeeth.com is your direct source option to our products for Corvettes® from 53-57, 58-60, 60-62, 61-62 or 63-67.Click Here to Order


Please Read. Not all Grille Ovals on the market are the same!

A Little Information about our Grille Ovals and our commitment to quality and customer service.

Here at Grilleteeth.com we go to great lengths to provide new high quality parts. We are so picky that we even rejected the first run of our grille ovals! While they were supposed to be destroyed by the manufacturing plant, they have appeared on the market and are being billed as correct and perfect. If you are in the market for a quality grille oval, please make sure it is not a rejected low quality part.

Mouse Grille X-Rays for more info
Proper CSMFG Part
Rejected Grille

How can you tell if the part you are looking for is first rate and show quallity?

Look for our logo and part number (x-ray 1)!
The Ovals that were rejected by us have the part numbers ground off (x-ray 2).

Not all Grille Ovals out there are poor quality. In fact, Corvette Specialties Manufacturing (that’s us) sells our parts through grilleteeth.com and to other retailer’s nation wide. While we’d like you to buy safely though us, we know there are others selling the correct parts. If you go elsewhere, just make sure you verify with the sales staff that they are NOT selling rejected parts with the numbers ground off. These are not up to our standard and probably not yours.

Thank you for visiting Grilleteeth.com and we hope to continue providing you with the highest quality parts for your Classic Corvette!

- grilleteeth management

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Corvette Grille Teeth

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